"Data export"

Of course, gathering data from our database isn't so hard. Anyone who knows anything about JavaScript and have FireBug installed, can easily find URL from which all the data can be gathered. Cookies with settings and other thing can be little thought, but not imposible. To save Your time and give You legit way to download repeaters data from our website we're providing official access to our data.

But there all some limitations.

1) We can deny, but You do anything You want anyway, so we politely ask, don't use this data to make other websites or HTML-based apps. We are open for cooperation, but in that case, we would like to know what You are trying to do. Maybe together we could do something more and share some experience?

2) We expect that Your credit us in Your app/site/whatever. Fullscreen logo would be nice, but it isn't necessary ;-)

At this moment, we provide following formats:

URL params

Some of files described above accepts parameters in URL:

For most params You can type more than one search criteria separating values using coma:

http://przemienniki.net/export/rxf.xml?country=cz,sk&source=all - XML file with repeaters from Czech Republic and Slovakia.

http://przemienniki.net/export/chirp.csv?latitude=52.231957&longitude=21.006129&range=20&band=2m,70cm - Chirp-readable CSV with 2m and 70cm band repeaters, located up to 20 km from Warsaw's city center.

Native XML format

Root of XML file is contained in <rxf> ... </rxf>. In addition to fields describing basic data like last update date or geneation date, it contains two sets of data: dictionary and repeaters list. Dictionary contains list of atributes that can be assigned to every repeaters in fields status, band, mode and activation type. Each of attribute value have unique in its type value that contains only single bit set to 1. This allows to describe few attributes in single value. Fore example, repeater that is both FM and DSTAR repeater has value 36 (32+4) in status field. Contrary to appearances, the search through the values from the programmer's point of view is very easy and involves performing operations "logical and" on the values. Of course, in addition to such a complex record, each repeater has also normal descriptive and human-readable value.

Example repeater record from XML file looks like this:

        <created>2012-03-15 13:02:42</created>
        <updated>2012-03-15 13:02:42</updated>
        <qrg type="rx">145.100000</qrg>
        <qrg type="tx">145.700000</qrg>
        <qth><![CDATA[Warszawa PKiN]]></qth>
        <ctcss type="rx">131.8</ctcss>
        <ctcss type="tx">146.2</ctcss>
        <dtmf type="rx">*</dtmf>
        <remarks><![CDATA[Przemiennik klubu SP5XYZ]]></remarks>

And here's some legend to that example:

We strongly advise to verify file version in header and in case of change immediatly visit this site again ;-)

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