Little bit of history

In 2009, Łukasz SQ5LWN discovered in internet awesome and very well documented directory of polish repeaters managed by Andrzej SP3IYM. But there was something missing there... After few sleepless nights and consultations with Andrzej, very first version of map has been released. Ugly, slow and suitable only for furthere development. Thus, within 3 years, "" has born. From simple list it evolved to advanced database which allows to maintain data of polish repeaters. Sure, we're not the only one, but trying to be the best.

Repeaters Map (Mapa przemienników) version 2.12.0 (2019/02/04).

Idea and development: Łukasz Jarosław Mozer © 2009-2017.

With cooperation of:

Map has been developed using Google Maps Javascript API V3 library. DOM mainpulation implemented using JQuery. Visual bells and whistles by JQuery UI. Icons are made using templates from google-maps-icons-collection, and generated using GD library. All You can see is powered by PHP and Smarty. Database backend by MySQL. News and comments on frontpage uses WordPress.

google.maps.LatLng prototype extensions based on Latitude/longitude spherical geodesy formulæ & scripts © Chris Veness 2002-2010.

No repeaters where harmed during development of this website. Although we tested our site on humans.

Data "moderation"

Each reported data, before we commit them to database, are verified by "moderators". We assume, that everyone can change something or add new stuff, but before publishing it, somebody must accept it. Also, we've keep changelog of each record in our db, so every mistake can be fixed.,?p>

For moderations, except Łukasz and Andrzej, also responsible are: Michał SP2XDM (SP2 area), Adam SP5GOF (SP5 area) and Łukasz SQ9JTI (SP9 area).

Data sources

Polish, Deutsch, Belarussian and Latvian repeaters are collected by ourselfs, with invaluable help of community. With Your help we're able to keep highest quality of data.

Lithuanian repeaters has been developed on the basis of Lithuanian amateur radio society website.

Czech and Slovak repeaters has been developed on the basis of website.

UK repeaters comes from website belonging to RSGB Emerging Technology Co-ordination Committee.

Swedish, Dutch, Finnish and Norwegian repeaters belongs to Marks Amatörradioklubb.

Privacy policy

On each visit we are logging some data like: IP address, date and time, exact URL, refering URL and Your browser version. This data are collected only for statistical purposes and we are not sharing them with anyone. This data aren't "personal data" within meaning of polish law.

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